Best way to get from home to Luton Airport

  • Best way to get from home to Luton Airport

    Best way to get from home to Luton Airport

    While traveling to or from the airport, you need to make wise transfer decisions, to avoid any hassle or fuss during the journey. This is especially true for long haul flights that can take a deep toll on mind and body.

    Luton is one of the major airports in London and quite a busy one. The airport is located 55 km north of central London. Although Luton airport isn’t as big or busy as Heathrow or Gatwick airport, it does receive significant air traffic through its one runway and one passenger terminal. Getting through the Luton airport isn’t much time-intensive process and generally one can rush through the speedy process without any delays. The short boarding walks and an efficient baggage claim process makes the entire boarding / deboarding processes at Luton airport quite pleasant when compared to the process at some of the other large airports in London.

    Luton Airport Transfers

    Now, whether you are looking for transfer options to or from Luton airport, you have multiple options. While the best Luton airport transfer option depends mainly upon your choice and preference, it’s always better to know your options with pros and cons, so you can make the best decision.

    Below we will review three best options available for Luton Airport transfers:

    Luton Airport Bus Service:

    This is one of the cheapest and most obvious options for most people who are looking to save on costs. The Luton airport bus service will get you to almost all parts of London and even near your accommodation than the train service. It’s a cheap option, which means that at times when you are desperate to save on a few bucks you can always take this option. Currently, you’ll have bus transfer choices with two different companies operating from Luton airport.

    However, on the downside of the option, this is also one of the slowest and most time-consuming choices. Depending upon the traffic pattern and time of day, it can day an hour to an hour and a half to reach Central London from Luton Airport.

    Luton Airport train Service:

    Now if you are in a hurry and willing to spend a few extra bucks to reach to your destination, you can always choose the train service as the fastest and most direct Luton airport transfer service. However, just like the bus service, it also has its downside.

    First of all, the London tube can be too congested for the liking of many people, especially in peak rush hours. So, if you mind standing amongst the crowd, you should probably avoid taking this route. Moreover, the train might not have a station at proximity to your destination, which again means you might need to reconsider your option if you don’t want to lose time walking to the destination from the station.

    Luton Airport transfer – Private Cab

    If you don’t mind spending a little extra buck for traveling than this is the most suited and recommended airport transfer option. There are various private airport transfer providers offering reliable and timely cab/taxi service to and from Luton airport at quite a reasonable price.

    The best part about hiring these private airport taxi services is that you can be sure of timing and reliability of the service, while you can also enjoy a luxurious drive in the top of the line vehicles; driven by professional chauffeurs.

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