Why your Gatwick airport transfer is better than Uber?

  • Why your Gatwick airport transfer is better than Uber?

    Why your Gatwick airport transfer is better than Uber?

    If you are planning to take an Uber to reach Gatwick airport from the main London city, then you need to stop and reconsider your action. Because taking a cheap taxi to Gatwick might be a better option. Uber is not bad at all but it’s not the finest way of commute to pick for airport transfer and we have enough reasons to convince you that our claim is not just on paper.

    Here is how your experience with Uber can be uneasy!

    If you are taking an Uber cab to reach Gatwick airport then you are likely to come across below mentioned problems.

    1. You are never sure with the time Uber ride can take in booking and arriving at your hotel as its not pre-booked.
    2. Uber fare system is very well organized and smartly made to get the most out of the customer’s pocket. They charge on waiting per minute, Time, Kilometer, Boost/Surge or Peak Hours. All this can sum up to a very unreal fare that you have no idea of.
    3. Although most of the cars in Uber are well maintained, Uber does not directly take the responsibility of any car. Therefore there is a chance that you might bump into an ill-conditioned car.
    4. Luggage is to traveling what butter is to bread. Even a single person carries two bags with him when you are off to London. So you need to realize that an Uber might not be able to adjust all your luggage bags easily.
    5. Uber drivers do not understand the importance of reaching on time as they are not relying on anyone else and works independently as per their mood. So what if you encounter a last-minute ride cancelation from the driver? You will have to call for a ride again and it can take next 15-20 more minutes.

    These are some of the facts that are present on the ground level and several customers have highlighted these issues using Uber.

    Now, let us share those benefits and convenient option a privately hired cheap taxi to Gatwick offers you. First, you need to understand that there is a number of airport transfer cab services available in London that provides excellent quality of airport transfer to their customers. Most important thing is that all these taxi service companies have different fare system according to the airport you are arriving or departing from. So you need to first compare the fares between some of the few top airport transfer companies by selecting Gatwick airport. On average from London main city to Gatwick airport a cheap taxi will cost you within the range of 30-40 pounds. Always pick those who are comparatively charging lower rates but do review their customer feedback.

    Let us review some general benefits of Cheap Taxi to Gatwick Airport offers to its customer!

    1. All privately hired taxi companies offer door to door service. Which means they will pick you from your location and drop you to the airport terminal you are due to fly from?
    2. An option that gives you a sense of organized and well managed day and that is pre-booking online system. You can easily select your schedule and details to book your airport transfer before time. So there is no hassle of waiting for the driver to accept your request etc.
    3. You have an option to select the kind of vehicle you like to travel in, from sedan to saloon and from a station wagon to mini-van even. All cars are well maintained and owned by a company itself, therefore, the quality check is very immense.
    4. Luggage adjustment is no problem as we mentioned above if you are traveling in a group with luggage that can’t fit in a four-door, you can always ask for Mini Van.
    5. All drivers hired by these airport transfer companies are well mannered, well dressed and experts in navigation. They will take you to the airport on time by using short routes.
    6. When you hire airport transfer, you know that there won’t be any hidden or extra charges. These companies have a fixed fare system that won’t add any surge or peak hours and up to 40 minutes, waiting time is complimentary.
    7. Multiple payments options make your life easier, you can pay online or via using your debit or credit cards.
    8. Promotional offers are just the cherry on the top. If you are a registered user of any taxi company you will get promotional discounts that you can avail on your future traveling.

    We are sure that after reading this article you will go by taxi option to travel back to Gatwick airport. Uber is not a bad service but like we said some things are made to address the specific purpose and airport transfer service is exactly that. Review more details about traveling from or to Gatwick airport and get the best information for you.

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