How can I pay for my journey?

    You can pay for your journey by debit or credit card online directly on our website , via a payment link or over the phone. Payments processed on the website are made at the time of reservation, while the payment link option allows for payment at a later stage (but must be paid prior to journey commencing). This enforcement is now in place due to the sudden rise in “no shows” and fake reservations that we have been experiencing.

    The company reserves the right to accept cash payment or other forms of payment at its own discretion, but reservations can only be made with the assistance of an operator, via phone or email.

    Although you can book your transfer whenever you would like, we always recommend you do this at least 24 hours prior to your required pick-up. Short notice request cannot always be honoured seeing we might not have an available driver in the area of your request or we might be fully booked at the time; these type of requests are also subject to extra charges and can be more expensive compared to what you were quoted on our website (applies to requests within 6 hours of requested pick-up time). In extreme situations, your booking can be cancelled if we are unable to find an available driver, but we will inform you within 90 minutes of bookings (applies to bookings processed online – website).

    If you need assistance with the planning of your transfer, you can call us on 02087553355

    In case you think you have forgotten something in one of our driver’s vehicles, please contact us as soon as you can. Although we instruct our drivers to check the vehicle after each and every journey, misplaced items can be overlooked and can go missing once other passengers board the vehicle.

    If you need any assistance with a lost item, you can call us at 02087553355

    Please note we will require your booking ID and your name in order to complete a lost & found form.

    Should we spot or find any misplaced items, we will contact you and arrange for a courier service to return the items to you. Please note all courier service charges will be payable prior to the package being sent.

    In case you are experiencing prolonged delays, we recommend you contact your driver to inform him of any problems. Alternatively you can provide updates by calling us at 02087553355

    The 30 mins free parking and waiting time we include after your scheduled pick-up time usually covers for these type of incidents, but should the waiting time go over the free waiting period we offer, addition costs will be applied (waiting time at £5/15 minute + parking ticket cost).

    If we are unable to make contact with yourself by email or telephone within 45 mins after the scheduled pick-up time, your reservation is subject to a cancellation as per our T&C’s, for a “no show” incident.

    Unfortunately we do not have any current vehicles within our fleet that allow for wheelchair access directly from street level. We are looking to add such vehicles to our fleet in the near future.

    If the wheelchair is only for storage purposes and no direct access is required, this can be done ensuring the correct vehicle is chosen.

    Transport for London enforces that all licensed London minicabs offer their services to guide dog users without extra charging them. If a company or a driver has refused to undertake a journey or has charged you extra because of a guide dog, you can report them directly to the Transport for London Private Hire (minicab) division. This applies to accredited assistance dog users only.

    Pets are allowed within certain vehicles only, so it would be ideal to pre-book such a requirement. We apply a flat £10.00charge (or more, depending on special circumstances) for such occurences and the pet must travel within a safe cage or secure safety lease/harness while in transit (this is a law requirement).

    Please note child seats are not a requirement in Taxi & Private Hire Vehicles, and for this reason we do not enforce or provide these while undertaking a journey with us; you can bring your own seat, but this cannot be stored with the driver.

    Tips are not included in the quoted price. This can be given additionally if you are happy with the service received but is not a requirement.

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