How you pay more to UBER than airport transfer

  • How you pay more to UBER than airport transfer

    UBER is the largest ride-hailing company with assets crossing USD 50 billion. With services spanning over 50 countries, it’s surely one of the biggest companies which most people in the world have used at least once in their lives.

    There are two secrets to success for UBER, the foremost is the economic travel, where its prices are significantly lower than most local taxi services and secondly the convenience, where it offers an easy to book home pick-up and drop services to customers.

    Is UBER a good option for airport transfers?

    Interestingly the answer is a big NO!

    Airport transfer is specifically different from normal traveling. It needs specially trained drivers (chauffeurs) who understand the importance of time for airport transfers, an upgraded vehicle that comes with few special amenities including flight tracking and timely service that deliver every time. Unfortunately, UBER airport transfers fail in all three aspects.

    So, how you pay more to UBER than private airport transfer taxi services?

    Well, the answer simply lies in the inherent working procedure of both models. While private London airport taxi services come with flat rates, UBER’s varying price calculating algorithm makes it an expensive option to choose to travel to or from airports.

    Below we will be looking at precise reasons how you pay more to UBER than private airport transfer taxi services:

    –    UBER Surge Pricing for airport transfers:

    Surge pricing as defined by the company itself is put in place to encourage more drivers to take the roads at times of high taxi demand. Now, airports are inherently a high demand area, especially large airports like Heathrow International Airport where millions travel each year, one can expect a high demand at all times. Thereby, when you try to book an UBER airport transfer taxi from Heathrow Airport, you can almost certainly expect a SURGE PRICE factor which will automatically increase your travel fare by multiples.

    Alternatively, when you book a private airport transfer cab from Heathrow or Gatwick airport, you can be sure of getting a fixed flat price booking confirmation without any additional charges. Since these are dedicatedly airport transfer vehicles, they have pre-calculated fixed rates that cover transfers to or from all major London airports, so you know before hands what you are going to pay at the end of the journey without any SURGE PRICE factor.

    –    UBER’s price calculation algorithm

    Another way how you pay more to UBER than private airport transfer is the pricing algorithm used by the company. The pricing algorithms are put in place keeping in view regular taxi transfers which include a base fare (minimum fare) plus traveling fare (usually calculated at per km) plus the travel time (which take into account total time is taken to complete the journey).

    Now, airport transfers inherit delays and wait time and with congested traffic pattern in London, you never when you get stuck in traffic (the UBER taxi cost keeps going up). For instance, an airport transfer from Stansted airport to central London might stretch to an hour and a half or even more because of heavy traffic. All this time your cost will be added up; thus leaving you essentially to pay more for your journey with UBER than a private airport transfer taxi service that gives a flat price including free waiting time.

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